Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bender Bending Rodrigez!

My friend Caitie is having a big 21st birthday celebration this week. The theme of the party is to dress up as your favorite movie or TV show character. Me being an uber fan of the sci-fi comedy, Futurama just couldn't resist going as Bender. I got the idea for this from an episode in which Bender is idolized as a TV star by the kids of Futurama. They ransack his stuff dressed with cardboard masks which of course is undetected by Fry.
But thats beside the point! I made this by finding a picture for reference. Then I set up a grid system in order to enlarge it to the size I wanted. The after doing that I outlined the drawing on cardboard with a sharpee. After some paint and a hole puncher, vua-la ! I am going to tie some yarn threw the two holes so it will stay on my head. As for the rest of the costume I am going to wear a grey shirt and regular pants. I might make claw like hands out of duct tape. If you think this project is pretty bitchen' (like I do) then you will be happy to know I have an instructable for it!

As always,
Craft this mess around

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