Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Harry Potter Crafts

Hello to all of my Harry Potter fans! The thing that really got me into knitting was my desire for a Gryffindor scarf with the scarelett red and yellow colors (because buying it meant paying a stupid ammount of money) So I taught myself to knitt (with a little help from my Aunt Marie).  Recently, with my love for Harry Potter re-energized (because of the last movie, going to the Wizarding World theme park, and my loveable nerdos Caitie and Kim) I felt it was time for a new scarf. So I made a lovely one for myself, then I made one for one of my nerdos. I also found some left over Harry Potter fabric I had since the Chamber of Secrets film came out. So I finally decided to use it and I made some pillows of the flying Ford Anglia.
Also after an amazing trip to the Wizard World theme park and my first sip of butterbeer... o-m-g. I could not live with out that stuff! So me and Tim made some we follow this recipie which came out really yummers. It's pretty much butterscotch, cream soda and amazing-ness.
Then I tried experiementing. I tried a hat, it came out ok. They were made with circular needles and it was allright but I didn't blow myself away, I'm not very good at hats. Then my fingers started to freeze in the artic tundra that the North East has turned into this Winter. My current gloves are cute fingerless ones that I love, but I needed something better. So I broke out the double pointed needles and came up with these!

My first successful attempt at glove/mittens and I did it using my own design! I have some ideas to make even more knitted gloves that aren't harry potter related. I am going to try and make Avatar:the Last Airbender gloves and perhaps even a 1 + up mushroom. I'll keep you updated on those (if they ever happen)
If you would like to be the proud owner of a pair of these beauties, then check out my etsy shop: Jip Ma Gip
If you like the gloves but not crazy for Gryffindor I can do any other color combos you'd like, contact me via etsy and we'll work something out.

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