Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Reading Club Craziness!

In the midst of my life altering crazy summer, would you have thought work would be a welcome distraction. Not so because it was just as crazy! Its the summer always means the Summer Reading Club. Sadly this week is the last week, but I wanted to share how I helped decorate the library.

I was really loving the theme this year, Dream Big Read! Visions of night time creatures and bed time sleepiness and the night sky immediately came to mind. So we tried to make the room look like a dream wonderland.

The table is always something in keeping with the theme. Last year for the travel theme, we made it a travel agency desk. This year I suggested making a bed frame and it came out really great! We always use foam board for a lot of decorations but the bed was pretty warped as the paint dried. So I am going to try and think of a possible solution for next year.

Does that window behind the bed look familiar? If you are a librarian or teacher you will know. Its from the bedtime classic, Good Night Moon. My department manager had asked that we incorporate the story in the decorations and this window was a good idea because it not only fits the theme and looks great, but it fills up a bunch of dead space. I also made some pin wheels featuring the title of the theme. I am never one for glitter but it gave the pin wheels some pizazz!

Morgan did some amazing stuff as well. She took over the children's room window. It looks out into the rest of the library. Her and other library aides have done some amazing stuff with it. This year I remember her being a little stumped as to what to make. I suggested constellations. She took that idea and ran with it and made this amazing display!

We were searching for some ideas and inspiration. We spend some time drooling over the amazing displays by Rachel Moani. Her displays are incredible and really inspired us. I was excited because this helped show us what library displays could be ! It goes way beyond the ol' " {insert-witty-pun}...with a good book" it gets old after a while. So check her stuff out! Morgan used her tutorial on creating a giant book with vine popping out of it. It covered up this ugly column that is always a design issue!

I also had to come up with an idea for my own display!  I actually had the idea for my display way back in March. I got some inspiration while searching Pinterest. I was looking for Dr. Suess quotes when I came across this one....

I loved it and thought it went well with our theme. I think I had also recently watched Hugo around then so I put the two things together and thought it would be great to use the iconic image from a Trip to the Moon.

First a did a sketch of my design, which I always do and its really helpful because I kept getting some more ideas from it!  I decided that the moon would be done on a piece of foam board cut out in the shape of the moon. The rocket would be a seperate piece of foam board giving it a 3 dimensional look. I was originally going to to paint my moon man a yellow color but while digging around the craft closet I found some old yellow cellophane and it looked great without having to paint it! The next step was putting it all together. The library already had starry gossamer so I hunt that up. Ann Marie hung him up and made the rocket pop out! Then I made a shooting star with the the first part of the quotation on it, then put the rest throughout the rest of the scene. Here is the finished product. 

Now that its over we have to start coming up with some ideas for the fall and for my favorite time of year Halloween! I of course will keep you posted.


  1. I know this post is over a year old but I wanted to say I LOVE your Shoot for the Moon display. It is FANTASTIC!


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