Thursday, September 6, 2012

Catching up ....

To everyone who has entered the Doctor Who Giveaway, THANK YOU ! 
If you are interested there is still plenty of time to enter! Click here for more info.
Speaking of the Doctor, what did you Whovians think of the season premiere? That Steven Moffat sure knows how to tell a story. I am looking forward to next weeks episode featuring dinosaurs! I am also looking forward to watching it and enjoying some coffee in my new travel TARDIS!

In non Doctor Who related news, the house has been coming along great. Of course I have been spending most of my time in the basement in my craftin' space, I like to call it my craft dungeon. I have had time to go through that big ol' pile of scraps and I am making a dent! I have been cutting up scraps into pieces that will become a few regular items, such as coin purses, zipper pouches and pockets for my bags! (i know you are all very excited over pockets)

Here are some things that I have been working on lately.... 

 I originally made this for my friend Kim's birthday, about almost a year ago. I used a different technique, a reverse applique. However it got ripped up! So I painted on the deer and it turned out well.

I have a whole bunch of 3 inch zippers I bought from Zip it... the essential place for all of your zipper needs. They also have a great selection of supplies!  I figured they would be good to make little coin purses. Thoughts?

If you really like any of these items and wondering where you can get your hands on them, be sure to check back they will be posted on my Etsy shop soon!

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