Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party recap!

This weekend has been a crazy! Its one for the record books! Right now Tim and I are held up in the house as we are waiting out the storm. I had not one but TWO days off! I hope my library is ok! I have been putting the unexpected free time to good use and its given us time to clean up after our epic Halloween shindig! 

We were checking out the full moon! 

I know I have been going on and on about the party on here and it all led up to Saturday night. It was a lot of hard work and pretty stressful but we had a great time! Here are some pics of the festive decor! 

Tim and I worked pretty hard on the menu and it consisted of some spooky horror-derves from 'Spider Eggs' (meatballs) to mummy dogs (cocktail wieners). I also had some delicious drinks including ecto-cooler and butter beer. 

Another big part of the party were the costumes! It was a great year for costumes this year and I made side by side comparisons of some of the great costumes of the party! I went as Link from one of the all time best video games every, Zelda.  I made the costume myself! 

Tim went as Max Fischer. He saved latin, what did you ever do?

Here are some of the other great ones of the night, enjoy! 

And for no real reason (other than it is hilarious) is my friend Tyler rocking out in a Cher wig. 

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