Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Potion Labels - Tutorials

So I have been doing some more bits of Halloween decor and this is one that I absolutely love and I am excited to share it with you! I remember seeing Halloween bottles at stores with all of the other Halloween stuff and I wanted them! Then I saw how much they cost... I rethought that and figured that I could make them. I used some inspiration from Harry Potter and most of the potions are from the magical world, with the exception of Frog's breath, that is from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Here is how you can make your own spooky potion bottles!

Materials & Tools
  • Empty wine/beer glass bottles 
  • Bucket filled with water & dish soap
  • Sandpaper
  • Color printer 
  • Mod podge 
  • foam brush
  • Glow and the dark paint (optional) 

  • Break out those bottles you saved with have those pesky labels on them! Luckily they are easy to remove. Let the bottles soak in the bucket filled with water and a bit of dish soap. 

  • After it has soaked for about 8 hours, you can remove labels. It might be a little hard so use the sandpaper to scrape the labels off. Let the bottles dry a bit. 
  • Go to your computer and go to the website picmonkey.com. If you are unfamiliar the site, it is one of the best and simple to use photo editors. Start with an image then ad a white overlay, combine layers and now you have a blank slate to make your labels! The best part...its free! So play around with it and you the special Halloween themes to make some great labels! 
  • If you don't enough time to make your own labels feel free to use mine! 

  • After all of your labels are printed out cut them out and decide which labels are going to be put on which bottles
  • When you are ready to attach the labels break out that mod podge! Slap on a few coats then let it dry

Sit back and enjoy your spooky potion bottles! If you want to add a bit to it use the glow and the dark paint on paint over the labels, it goes on clear and will glow under a black light. 

- Sarina



    1. Glad you like it! Thanks so much! I'll have to go check it out!


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