Saturday, November 3, 2012

Getting Back to Normal (or trying to)

Its been a few days since the Hurricane however we are still feeling its effects. So many people in Nassau County and the City have been hit really hard, and that is just the damage in New York. I have heard horror stories from my mom, she spoke to family that lives in Nassau. Boats are on lawns and houses were flooded with 6 feet of water.

I myself was very lucky to only be inconvenienced without power for a few days. There were many Long Islanders that were not so lucky. If you feel so inclined make a donation!

Aside from the overall devastation  the hurricane has caused a mad panic for gas. I was pretty lucky and filled up before the frenzy and I have been keeping driving to a minimum. Driving home from work (which finally opened!) I saw the scary effects of a gas shortage. Caution tape was wrapped around every gas pump and a police car was in front of every station, making sure no funny business occurred. Here is a gas line I passed the other day. The gas station isn't few a few hundred feet.

It is weird and a bit unsettling as we try to get back to normal as craziness ensues. I haven't encountered it but apparently there have been plenty of fights over gas and it reminds me of a little old film, Mad Max. I am trying to shed some humor on the situation (because that's how I deal)

As mentioned earlier I am glad to be able to go back to work. It is a bit of normalcy back however, these past few days have been pretty exhausting. The service we have been providing for the community makes me proud of my job. The library has become what feels like a refugee camp. We have provided space for families, senior citizens everyone is coming in to get warm, keep busy and of course charge their devices. We also have tried to have programing to keep every one busy.

With the gas situation we have tried to limit our driving only to work, however we decided that we needed a break and we treated ourselves to a movie and we saw Wreck it Ralph. Its a silly movie for any turbo video game fan. Ralph always plays his part as the bad guy and he just wants a little love now and then so he jumps around to see what the other video games have to offer. It was a good escape and I recommend it even if you aren't a gamer. 

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