Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday snapshots...the last of 2012

This past week was a weird one. I got a post Christmas sickness which has not been fun. So projects if been on hold and I tried to rest. I ended up just feeling rest less! However I did do some fun stuff.


Shrink plastic
Like the doctor who keychains? They are part if a special program I am doing for the library system, Comic Con 101. More information to follow!

Where's Waldo
January is a pretty slow month in the Children's room. So to make it fun I decided to make a bunch of Waldo's and hide them around the room. Kids have to be on their toes because Waldo's whereabouts will change every week.

Snug as a bug
We had our first real big snow Fall of winter. I had to break out the Elmer Fudd hat for warmth!

Snow Dog
Gyspy is usually a fan of the snow, so I was excited to watch her in the backyard. However, she just stood there getting snowed on with a sad face on. She is such a dope.


  1. My family would love the Dr. Who keychains. I will be watching out for how you did them. I think it would be a great winter break activity :)

    1. It is a lot of fun! All you need is shrink plastic, colored pencils, toaster oven and creativity! I will be posting a tutorial in the new year!


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