Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iron Challenge #2 - Orange Shoes!

I am glad to say that I have completed the second Iron Craft challenge: orange ya glad. This challenge let crafters either make something with the color orange or actually use oranges (the fruit) for something. I opted for the former.

My original goal was to get some kitschy accessories and spray paint them. However, I didn't have too much luck at the thrift store. Nothing really called out to me. While browsing I found an ugly pair of flats and figured I could try painting them. I already had some spray paint left over from my Halloween decorations. After I painted the shoes, they still looked a little blah. I thought some teal would work well on the tips. Here is how they came out!

My partner in craft, Michele was not sure exactly what to do. She said she just grabbed a punch of paint chips from Home Depot and hoped inspiration would strike. We sat in the craft dungeon paint chips before us thinking. She said the colors reminded her of Harry Potter. So here is what she came up with. Read more about her adventures here.

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