Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Snapshots 2013!

This past week of a New Year and new beginnings! Here are some pics from my week!

Monday was the last day of 2012. We usually do a low key New Years however this year we were such social butterflies and went to not one but two parties! I even got a really pretty dress perfect for the  occasion.

New Years day we finally got to see Les Mersables. Tim and I aren't really into big grand musicals. However the previews for this have made it look pretty epic. My little brother, who enjoys fart jokes, expressed interest in seeing it. It lived up to the previews and I loved it. I've listened to the soundtrack at least once a day this week. Not sure if I can really pick a favorite song, they are all so good and are always stuck in my head. That Javert, what a jerk.

Wednesday, I finally met up with my partner in craft, Michele. We haven't hung out in a while so it was good to see her and we got our craft on! She was interested in doing the Iron Craft challenge with me so we started working on the first challenge, Cotton. She had a bunch of tote bags (100% cotton) so we made some stencils and painted them up. I decided to go with a pac-man ghost.

Thursday was so much fun! Thursday was Comic-Con 101! I had a table and presented some nerdy themed crafts to share with my fellow librarians. It was fun and quite successful. Read more about it here

Later that night I met up with Laura and we went to a yoga class, namaste. Laura gave me a late Christmas present, she made me this lovely hat. Doesn't it look nifty?

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