Monday, February 11, 2013

Bread and Milk (Meme for Monday)

Well it looks like Long Island can't go more than six months with out a major natural disaster. In New York state, Long Island got the worst of it. Rocky Point got about 30 inches. Friday I had the scariest drive home trying avoided spin outs and of course mopes driving like nut jobs. I am so lucky I made it home, because a lot of people had to either sleep in their cars or abandon them and go to a shelter. 

I think when Long Island hears that a big storm is coming every one goes crazy! The days leading up to the storm were very familiar. The gass-holes were back and I was very lucky to fill up when I did. I am lucky Tim and I usually keep the house stocked so we didn't have to go to the supermarket. If you're wondering what people around here act like when this crap happens this is perhaps the most accurate and hilarious depiction of it. 

What was supposed to be a weekend of work ended up being a little staycation. We hung out in our pjs most of the day. To not be too lazy we got in a Yoga workout which also limbered us up for shoveling! I think we're going to invest in a snowblower sometime soon. I was really excited to get some serious crafting in complete warmth because waiting for me at home was a new space heater for the craft room.  So at least I put this unexpected free time to good use. 

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