Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snowed in....

I am very much a home body, however after being snowed in for the last three and a half days has driven me a bit crazy. Despite a slight case of cabin fever I managed to get a few things done.

this is my going crazy face
I was super duper lucky that my space heater was delivered Friday before the storm hit. I was able to spend hours upon hours in the craft room in comfort. So I rearranged somethings. I do this every couple of months. I was finally able to finish up some iPad cases and figured out how to make some sweet pull tabs. I used all of the cool nerd fabric I ordered a while back. Since the stuff is so cool I tried to find different ways to utilize the scraps. Since I had some elastic around I made some head bands. 

As much as I was productive with the free time, I was also super lazy. That is what snow days are all about guys! So Tim and I watched a couple episodes of the Wire (which is cray) and we also hit up some Netflix. Tim had never seen Battle Royal so that was quite an enjoyable viewing. (Suzanne Collins pretty much took the concept for the Hunger Games from this movie) I also enjoy a good doc every now and then and I finally got to watch Queen of Versailles. Who orders 50 chicken mcnuggets at one time? 

Aside from movie time I have course been listening to some groovin' tunes in my little crafty dungeon. I have really fallen in love with Ram by Paul McCartney. It was recently re-issued and although I am a huge Beatles fan, I have always stayed away from their solo careers up until a few years ago. That was when I also fell in love with George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. 

I was also able to use the time to prepare for something quite epic, my first ever craft night at Crazy Beans! You guys know from reading that I absolutely adore this place. For years I have yearned for a cool hang out near by. With this place, its like the owner Callie knew everything that I would ever want! I mean butter beer is on the menu! So after falling in love with this place I approached Callie about doing a craft night. She was down and I started preparing. I decided that the Sharpie Mugs would be an appropriate craft for a cafe. I was a little worried that I wasn't going to make it because the Rocky Point roads were pretty dangerous. However we made it! A few people also trekked out to get out of the house. Here are some of their fabulous creations.

Now I can but all these bad snow nightmares behind me and go to Florida. So long suckers! 

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