Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mini Canvas Art - Craft Night

This past monday night was another fantastic evening of coffee and crafts at Crazy Beans. As always it was a fun night with my regular crew and craft night newbies.

This time around we made mini wall art! It was a fun craft in miniature. Some of my crafty crew liked painting on the blank canvas. Some of the best pictures of the night included a city scape (with Bat signal!) and a beach scene. One of the newbies was really creative and used a straw to blow on the paint to create some interesting texture. I was particularly proud of my friend Joe. He's not a very crafty person compares being artistic to household chores. However he stuck it out and painted a beautiful masterpiece.

Some of the folks who attended, were having some trouble with inspiration. To help those guys I had printed out some stencils for them to use. There were some wonderful results from this technique. Including some fantastic mustaches.

If you want to make your own mini wall art here is how....

Materials & Tools

  • Mini canvas
  • Paint 
  • Brushes 
  • Paper towels (incase you make a mess) 
  • Tape or stencils (optional) 
  • Gather your supplies 
  • Think of a design 
  • Get painting! 
  • If you are using stencils
    • Paint a base coat, let dry for a few minutes 
    • Place stencils on the canvas 
    • Paint your second coat in a contrasting color 
  • Glue a magnet to the back of it and BOOM - instant fridge magnet! 

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