Thursday, November 21, 2013

Make your own TARDIS #savetheday

If you are planning a big shin-dig for the Day of the Doctor, then you festivities will not be complete unless you have a TARDIS. This is after all the Doctor's preferred method of transport! Here is how you can put together a simple TARDIS that won't break the bank.

Materials & Tools 

  • 2 PVC pipe measuring 6ft
  • 1 PVC pipe measuring 38 inches
  • 4 PVC pipe measuring 12 inches
  • 4 PVC caps 
  • 2 PVC shaped t-shaped connectors 
  • 2 PVC curves 
  • Blue butcher paper (or blue table cloth) 
  • Black and white paper
  • Computer & printer 
  • Tape 


  • Gather all of your pvc supplies and begin assembling them. Refer to the pictures! I will describe as best I can but I think the pictures will help you the most! 
  • Bottom pieces: 
    • Take 2 of the 12 inch pvc pipes and t-shaped connector. Place each of the 12 inch pvc pieces on each end of the connector. 
    • Repeat this step so you have two! 
  • Take the two 6 feel pvc pipes and insert them into the t-shaped connector of your bottom pieces
  • Next take the 38 inche pvc pipe and place a corner connection on each end. Then attach it to the top of your already assembled structure.
  • Your almost there! Keep it laying down flat and wrap it with paper. If you don't have paper that is big enough you can use a blue vinyl table cloth (they are in the party section of most stores) 
  • swivel the bottom peices and slowly turn your structure right side up 
  • Now you are ready for details! I used card stock and my silhouette machine, so its really up to you what you how you want to decorate your TARDIS. You can print a lot of them out and that helps! 
  • Enjoy! It makes a fun background for a photo booth! 

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