Sunday, January 26, 2014

The past week of my life....

Hi Friends! Here is what I've been up to the past week....

The game is on! Finally new Sherlock! My friend Megan came over and we ate cookies and watched!!! For the past two years I've been dying to know how Sherlock survived and figure out what was the deal with John Watson's mustache?

Although we didn't get an exact answer to all of our questions, the episode was great and Sherlock is back to its proper glory! I really loved the different scenario of his death were played out. My personal favorite was the fiction version in which Sherlock and Moriarity make out.

I'll be helping out with a Sherlock night at West Hampton library. We are going to be making Sherlock t-shirts! I've got a silhoutte of Sherlock and John, Mycroft, Moriarty and a Sherlock profile.

I'm starting something new, another librarian and I are starting a book club. It is part of an effort to reach Millenials. So its library sponsored but we are holding it at (my favorite place) Crazy Beans. I haven't read Divergent before this, but the other librarian, Erin, suggested it because of the movie tie-in. People always want to read the book before the movie!

As far as Dystopian novels go, Divergent is pretty standard. Young heroine is a total bad ass and finds herself and of course has to save the day. Beatrice is a young girl in a futuristic Chicago in which society is split up into factions. When she comes of age and decides to trade in her boring Abegnition for the super cool Dauntless.

I'm working on my second Iron Craft Challenge of the year. This time around the challenge is called Get it Together. This challenge is all about making something for crafty organization. I've been using a few tin cans to store pens and other tools. They were really ugly looking for I decide to spiff it up with some scrap booking paper. Here is how it comes out.

I finally got around to doing another Q & A with my friend Ingrid. If you didn't catch it, go check it out!

Universal announced Diagon Alley stuff! They announced it a few years back, but they released some more information about and like attraction details. I am particularly excited for Weasley Wizarding Weezes!

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