Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crayon candles - Library Life

March is national craft month. So I thought be appropriate we do some serious crafting with the teens!

While looking for ideas I came across this project on Brit Co, using crayons to make candles!!! I've always wanted to do a candle making project but it always looks too complicated and dangerous in a group setting. This one however utilizes soy candle wax and a microwave. candle making made easy!

I gathered all of the supplies and we got to work! Go to Brit Co for the full tutorial, but here are some tips that I picked up while adapting this project for a group.

Crayon Candle Tips:

  • Use Crayola crayons. There is some sort of special wax only in Crayola crayons that makes them melt. I tried with other types of crayons and it just doesn't work. Crayola only! 
  • Waiting for each layer. I didn't realize that each layer needed to try before pouring on the next one. So while we waited for each layer, we played a few rounds of Apples to Apples. 
  • Depending on how big your microwave is, you can melt up to four cups in the microwave all at once! That will help if you have a fun program of kids.
  • Be wary of the wicks! The wicks can get a little wobbly, so when pouring in the wax, make sure your keep it straight standing up! Mine shifted to the side and looks weird. 

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