Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello 2015.

Finally an end to a stressful year. The last month certainly was a crazy one for me.

Right now my life is all about the baby. In December, I hit the nesting phase. I woke up one morning in a panic, " We need to paint the room!" "We need the furniture" "Where's the crib?!" and "How are we going to afford all of this?!" After a quick trip to Ikea and the Holiday season to distract me, I calmed down a bit. I even got a special surprise in the mail, when my friend Amanda sent me the baby's mobile for Christmas! Now I'm more excited than stressed, which is good because stress is not good for my little lady. The nursery is coming together and I have a theme picked out, Woodland creatures. I found some cute inspiration and am putting all of the pieces together. 

With that stuff getting together, I've just been dealing with the physical burden's of pregnancy. I've given up trying to wear my regular pants with the help of the trusty belly band. It did help me post pone maternity clothes purchase until now. The belly has gotten pretty huge, Tim is still shocked whenever he sees it.. and he sees it every single day. I particularly enjoy feeling her move around. I first felt it on my birthday back in October. Tim joked that it was birthday punches. Now its so frequent and visible! When she is stretching her legs I drop everything and stare at the waves she's making on my belly. I will admit its not always the best feeling because I've defiantly gotten kicked in the ovaries a few times. I think this kid is destined for karate. 

I've also had to focus on my original babies, the animals. Bmo was acting a little funny so I took him to the vet and didn't get the best news in the world. He has some kidney issues and now has to undergo some serious treatment. We are staying positive though and so far he has been responding pretty well.

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