Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Baby Shower!

I'm at the home stretch, only a few weeks left until my little lady is here. I was starting to have a breakdown, because I felt like there was soooo much to get done in such a shot amount of time. I had this recurring nightmare that she came super early and we had nothing set up for her, so room, crib etc! Then everything came together seemingly all at once! 

Last week Tim told me we were "going to the movies" but I had a hunch I knew what was up.... it was Baby Shower time! I had known that my Mom and friends, Caitie and Laura were working on because I requested a Superhero theme. They took my idea (demand) and ran with it. They had some help from my Mom's friend Rihanna, who is starting up a party planning business. 

So we walked into the "movies" and it looked like an adorable super hero wonderland. The decorations were adorable and I loved all the fine details. From the "Pow" and "smash" call outs, super hero water bottles and the super girl silhouette that was throughout the party. I loved it because it means this girl is going to be a little butt kicker and not a prissy princess. The silhouette shape was even on the cake! Caitie's sister Kim (baker extraordinaire) made an amazing three layer cake that tasted just as impressive as it looked!

 I wasn't the only one impressed with the decorations. All of my library peeps commandeered most of the decorations after the party because it goes with our Summer Reading Program theme this year, Every Hero Has a Story. I think while working on stuff for that, all of superhero theme stuff subconsciously influenced my desire for this as a shower theme. My Mom and friends were glad to hand over the decorations to them. Laura even asked if it counts as a tax write off.  

Its so overwhelming and emotional to see the effort people went through to put this together just because they love you. What is even more touching is that these same people are going to be apart of my baby's life and love her just as much. 

The shower also came at the right time, right before a blizzard! So with the snow day I ended up sorting through all of the gifts and putting together the little lady's room. Here is a little preview. 

The little lady will be here in a few weeks and I'm ready to meet her. I've had a great pregnancy so far and have felt fantastic, up until this past week. She is pretty active in the womb and is keeping my up at night. The belly has also caused an extreme amount of back pain! It hasn't been all bad though, I've got a nice little table that comes in handy at meal time. 

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