Monday, May 7, 2012

Star Wars Day!

Me and Morgan rocking some awesome star wars head gear!
Last Friday was May 4th...STAR WARS DAY! Last year at the library we did a book display for Star Wars day and it was so popular and I thought that'd make a great program! So let me take you through what the kiddies did!

I welcomed then into the room, while the Star Wars soundtrack was playing. (which stopped working during the program ugh!) Then we played a game of "Jedi Says". Its pretty much Simon says, but with fun things like - do the jedi mind trick, walk like C3PO, breath like Darth Vader and so on. Then I asked them some trivia questions. I tried not to make it too hard but they got all of them!

Then it was time to split them up and go to each of the stations that I set up: Yoda Ears & Princess Leia Hair, Light Sabers, Dark Side Battle & The Cantina.

Yoda Ears & Princess Leia Hair

While looking for craft ideas I did an image search of Star Wars stuff for some inspiration and it hit me! Yoda Ears! I took some green oak tag and made an ear shape, it was folded to face out then stapled them to an oak tag strap. I also put out some crayons for the kids to decorate their ears. I also wanted to factor in the girls that would sign up so I cut out some brown circles, decorated it then stabled it to the strap.

Light Sabers

I came across this craft on I used their light saber template and collected tons upon tons of paper towel tubes. The kids decorated the templates then taped them to the paper towel tube. We then took a piece of construction paper, rolled it up then taped it to light saber. The kids had serious fun with this some kids even made double light sabers!
I would recommend to use a heavy card stock and not construction paper. It just isn't that durable and the kids wanted to do some serious light saber dueling. So I had to deal with broken light sabers all afternoon. A few times the kids got crazy with the light sabers so I told kids to meditate like Jedi's. 

Dark Side Battle

I printed out some pictures of Star Wars baddies on card stock. I taped them up to stand up then gave the kids some rubber bands to flick at the bad guys.

The Cantina

One thing that is needed for any successful kids program is food! Luckily I already had the Star Wars cookie cutters from William Sonoma. So the night before I baked those bad boys up. I also made some royal icing in different colors, the kids then got to decorate their cookies. I also wanted to accommodate kids that have food allergies, so I gave them a pretzel rod which they could decorate with frosting, to make a 'light saber'. They were also given some Yoda Soda. It is just seltzer and lime sherbert. And it was really good!

It was sooo much work but worth it. The kids had a great time and kept asking when we were going to have this program again. This will most likely turn into a May 4th tradition. Also a very special thanks to Morgan Brett who helped me with the program! She is also took these great pictures!


  1. Do you mind if I post templates I made based on your Leia/Yoda ears on my blog? I will credit you for the original idea and link to this post.

    1. That is fine, as long as there is a link back and credit. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the ideas! We're doing Star Wars as this year's Take Your Child to the Library Day and your ears are so cute!


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