Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wacky hat & Button Bracelet

Hello ! I have returned ! I am all set up in my new digs with the fiance. I have a nice crafting area set up. And I get to make drapes for the apartment!!!! (I am super excited)
In the mean time in between school and work I've been working on some stuff.
This is my wacky hat. (forgive my lack of wacky face to match) I am still playing around with hats and trying to find something that works best. This came out cute. But probably not going to wear this in public.

Another project I decided to try involves buttons. In the past I have tried to make button jewlery and have failed miserable. But thanks to some helpful tips from crafters on the web I came up with this! I think it came out pretty cute. I don't think my button method is perfected yet but all in good time my little chickadees.

Well thats all for now. If you like anything you see and would like tips or a customized whatever contact me at sarina.latorre@gmail.com

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