Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest Projects

Hello all,
The past couple of weeks have been boring and busy like usuall :( I took a break from sewing for a bit. Because of stinky school work :(
I went a bit knit crazy. I have perfected my harry potter gloves. I make the bottom part in rib stitch also with a yarn that is thicker. Then I switch to the smaller gauge. I also made the thumb hole bigger. I think the thumb part can either be exposed or you can add a little tube. Depends on preference. See for yourself.. watcha think?

with out thumb
with thumb

In this past week though, I have gotten back into the sewing game and am experimenting with some new designs and styles. This little number is just a simple bag with a funky print

I have also done some more applique designs. I made a different type of owl. I love it and it looks quite adorable. However it was a lot of work but it was worth it! The other applique is the tardis from my love able Doctor Who. Unfortunately was unable to harness time lord technology so there is not in infinite space, but it does have pockets!

Since its been nice weather I've been able to go outside and do some screen printing! Even since high school I cam across an article about Russian Criminal Tattoo Art. Its pretty cool and interesting. Different types of tattoos represent certain things about a criminal. For example the tom cat meant they were a thief. I always liked the tom cat so I put it on a bag.

Anywho, thats all for now!

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