Thursday, April 21, 2011

Experimentations Abound!

Hello friendos,

So this past week has been Spring Break (insert drunk people going WOOOOO) When you only go to class one day out of the week Spring Break feels like, meh.
Anyways I did have a little stay-cation... I had off work a few days and Timbo was away for work. So while other spring breakers where cleaning out their alcohol bottles I was cleaning the apartment to the extreme! So its nice living in a clean environment and it gave me time to catch up Doctor Who and brainstorm some more craft ideas... and that I did!
Before spring break I finished up making some diaper bags for my cousin Melissa.. she makes maternity clothes in California under the brand, Maman Jolie. She asked me to make some bags to feature in one of her shows. So I did! I made one with cute little elephants a mommy and a baby and another one with two birdies on a tree. I also made a super sweet tri-force bag, which was the same dimensions as the diaper bags but well I guess that's for really cool nerdy moms.
Gyspy is a big Zelda fan
They came out really nice, but was A LOT of work! It involved lots of small details and a lot of fabric to work with. It got me thinking about similar bags I have made that have four sides. I got a bit burnt out on them because of all the work... that was until I discovered boxed corners!
 I found this really helpful tutorial from Lazy Girl which demonstrated how to do it. And it was so simple I felt like a dummy. So I tested it out and made this super awesome Star Wars rebel alliance bag (My friend Joe requested a scarf with the Rebel Alliance on it so I was inspired) I did the design in embroidery because it is so simple a design that there is no need for a full on felt applique.Pictured below.....

Awesome, right?! The force is strong with this one! (Sorry can't help but be nerdy about it.. it is in my nerdy nature)
I have been experimenting for quite a while but I think this has helped me find the right formula for making my bags!
I forsee some more designs... another TARDIS, more Star Wars related stuffs and of course a Harry Potter bag! COMING SOON!

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  1. I would like to buy one for Doctor Obrien. She just had a baby boy.


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