Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doug <3 Movies

May 21. The best last day of the world ever! Me and the hubbins went to the city. We were very excited to see Doug Loves Movies. If u don't know what it is and u like to laugh...shame on u. To quickly get u up to speed it is a hilarious podcast hosted by comedian Doug Benson...and he loves movies. He always has comedians on and they joke about movies and play the Lenard Maltin game. Just go download it!
Anywho, so we got into the city and Tim was starting to get cranky. That means we needed to find some lunch pronto. So we decided on shake shack because it is numerlicious. But on the way there we ran into this weird street fair/food festival in Madison square park..and ba dang dang my tastebuds went to pleasure town. I got an amazing savory truffle mozzarella crepe from a place called bar Suzette. They also had this fried that looked amazing...sadly did not get them :( I. Will have to hunt this place down and get them. Then Tim got this briased sandwhichy thing that was pretty good. We also washed down our meal we these neato sodas with the result of delicious. It was quite a nice surprising thing to come across in the city. We had some time to kill so we hung around the park by this freaky head statue....

Then we made our way over the Gramacy theater. I look forward to listening to Doug Loves Movies every Friday and eases the pain of going to work :( the show was great and really funny as per usual. It was weird to see it in person. I was glad to actually see the physical gags I always get left out of in the audio version. I made a scott pilgrilm name tag sadly I was not chosen :(
I had hunch Chris Hardwick would be one of the guests and ta da he was there yay pictured below. It was a hilarious and a great show and am excited to see him when he comes around again. (Both Doug and Chris)

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