Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zombies, Cakes & latest projects!

Hello blogosphere,
Here is what I am into lately:

I may love libraries but other people think of them as super duper boring or obsolete :( but the people at McPherson College don't think so ! Library of the Living Dead is a genius and funny guide to the library. Go check it out for yourself at the Miller Library

From Zombies to cakes. Mmmmm cake. This past week my friendo Caitie graduated yay! Her sister Kim has quite the reputation as a baker and lately she has been making some pretty kick ass cakes. Early this year she made an amazing Wolverine cake for my friend Matt. So when it came to Caities cake she went all out harness the power of Harry Potter.

As for me this past few weeks have been rough craft wise. I have picked up a few extra hours here and there and being stuck in a heat wave is a real drain on my creativity and motivation. But I have tried to chug on. I made a wallet from this tutorial. I am also experimenting with pouches and small cases. I just finished two tote bags. The panda bear is a request from my co-worker Margaret and the other is a little flower for Trisha and my future niece! The idea behind these bags is to use when you bring kids to the library!

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