Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thesis Madness

Hello friendos,

All crafting has been suspended until further notice! Why, you ask? Well I am in the middle of Thesis madness, that's why. It is my last semester and all I have to do is write my thesis. So every free minute I get I am usually doing research. This has been a strain on my life for several reasons, 1) crafty exploits have been put on hold 2) From sitting for so long I am getting serious back and hip pain! 

So since the thesis is serious business at Queens College so I had to prioritize a bit. I put the sewing machine away :( (but its only temporary!) and spend lots of hours doing research. I am having some trouble with it though. I feel like I am over-researching as opposed to actual writing. I think I am getting really tripped up by all the horror stories I have heard about thesis all through out library school. Also the fact that it has to be around 60 pages scares the crap out of me. My undergrad thesis was about Blade Runner and it was only 10 pages long! Luckily I have the option to write it in a group and I am so grateful to be writing it with two lovely ladies. I met them during the intro classes and we have been on the same track together. It'll be nice to graduate with them.

Another thing that helps is that I am doing an interesting topic, Interactive Literature.What like e-books? Yeah e-books are interactive but we are going beyond the digital and talking about pop-up books, textured board books and books with musical components. So I feel good that I am not doing boring nonsensical research.

As for my back pain, I try to get up once an hour. This also freaks me out.....

In the mean time I have doing stuff for myself, otherwise I would go crazy. I did things like get some new clothes and what not. Last Friday Tim took me to see the taping of Chris Hadwick's stand up special. (You know how much I <3 him) It was a lot of fun and Jonah Ray, his nerdist companion and opening act, was soooo hilarious! He read the rules of the taping as jokes. So good! And Hardwick of course was awesome. He took a picture of the audience after the show and if you look real close you can see mwha! (Tim is next to me but he was clapping in front of his face so he looks like a blurry mess) Also the camera was totally pointed at us a few times. I tried so hard not to look and was successful, Tim said he noticed some lady near us always looking at it, so I think we will just make the cutting room floor :( Oh well but it was super fun and can't wait to watch it on Comedy Central.

I am a few people up from his devil horns on the left side.


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