Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Craft Date with Short Girl, Long Island

So do you have any friends on Facebook that you actually haven't met in person? I have a few and one of them was Michele from Short Girl, Long Island. She is a bit older than me but we hung around similar circles and she was always the friend of a friend but I had never actually met her! We also went to school with each others brothers, weird! (also that sounds like a pretty cool band name) So we decided to hang out and have a craft night. We have a lot in common and I have a feeling it was the first of many craft nights.

Michele brought over some stuff to make coasters. It was a fun craft that was simple and ended up looking great! Michele has a tutorial over on Short Girl, Long Island, so go check it out!

I dug around to look for some stationary to use for my coaster. I came across a bag I had saved from going to the Harry Potter exhibit. It was a cool bag that was worth saving (so don't judge me). The coaster does a good job, in my craft room I usually have some tea or coffee and now I have a coaster to rest my mug on so I don't risk ruining any projects! Here is my finished coaster!

I introduced Michele to the freezer paper stencil technique. I have referenced it a bunch of times before but have yet to post a tutorial and I promise you it is indeed coming! While doing it with Michele, I did some experimentation and make bug. After it had dried I took some sand paper to it and it came out looking distressed. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. That is one snazzy looking bug! Next time I come over, I'll bring the sealer, so you can spray the coaster to make sure condensation doesn't ruin it. :)


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