Tuesday, August 21, 2012

House Tour!

After being in the house for about a month I feel confident in giving you all a tour of the place. The house is perfect and we don't have to renovate a thing. However it will still take some time for Tim and I to put our mark on it. For now we have settled quite nicely, so sit back and enjoy your tour.

I love the houses curb appeal and the two car garage is going to come in handy come winter time. The landscaping is also beautiful! I am a bit worried about the up keep though but I guess maintaining it will be an ongoing project. I am also excited to have a porch! That was one of the items on my wish list and lucky enough have one. I am having some fun figuring out how the porch is going to be decorated for holidays.

The main living space is open concept. This was another on the wish list. My first decorating project was the gallery wall located above the couch. Pay no attention to the fact that I havent changed out some of the pictures yet. The dinning room is huge! I was prepared to find an old junker table and turn it into a my dream farm house table. We went furniture shopping last week and we ended up finding that table on sale at a store. So we ended up ordering that. I love the bonus room. The previous owners called it 'the study'. Tim and I aren't as fancy so we are just calling it the reading room. We will eventually put some comfy chairs in here and it will be an ultimate chill zone. And luckily our giant expedite bookcase fit perfectly in the room.

The kitchen perhaps the best room. Tim is in his element here. There is so much storage that we have some cabinets that are still empty!

Guest rooms and guest bath. They are a good size and will be great for our future babies. (Don't get excited, I'm talking like in a few years)

Our master bedroom is a nice retreat. Its huge, has a walk in closet and a bathroom retreat on par with a luxury hotel. Yeah I know its amazing. I have no idea how we got so lucky.

When we moved in my mom, an accomplished gardener, went exploring in the backyard and picked a few cucumbers. To our surprise they had been maintaining the garden up until they left. So for the rest of the season I don't have to shop for tomatoes or cucumbers. Aside from perfect for gardening, the backyard is also a good space for entertaining. We have a nice pergola area and a hidden away fire pit area. In the fire pit area we saw that we have two fig trees! I have never had a fig before so I am looking forward to when these things grow a bit more.

The basement is also a good space. It is partially renovated and we'll turn it into a game room, home theater or whatever. Right now it just houses are crap we haven't unpacked. Also the previous owners didn't mess around. Not only did these people grow their own grapes and make their own wine, they had a big ass wine cellar as well.

Our three bottles of wine! 

 So with the new house I finally have more than a little tiny desk. I have an entire workspace! It was one of the things I was looking most forward to !

The previous owners grew wine grapes in the backyard and would brew their own wine. They had a room devoted to created wine making! Sadly I don't think we are going to keep up that tradition so the wine room has turned in to my work room! The space is perfect for it. It already has counter tops and some drawers. I have been taken some time putting everything in order. It is a bit scrambled right now becauseWhen we first moved in I just wanted to unpack boxes so I just shoved stuff in drawers. Now I have been taking the time to organize everything.

I am looking forward to many years of sewing and crafting in my little work room, as well as living in my house! Stayed turned for more exciting adventures of the nerd craft librarian! 

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