Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Burlap Bunting

I made this bunting during a Friday Night Sew In. I created a tutorial to go along with it. Even though I used this to create some Halloween decor this project is versatile and can be used for other holidays or even weddings. Here is how to make your own burlap bunting!

Materials & Tools

Freezer paper
Exacto Knife
Burlap fabric
Foam brush
Bias tape

  • First pick a font and make a font sheet with all of the letters that you will need for your bunting. Print out a sheet (save for later to trace)
  • Size up your flags. My flags measured in as 7 x 9 inches. I cut out a bunch from the freezer paper
  • Once all of your freezer paper flags are cut, trace out all of your letters. (shiny side down!)

  • Break out your exacto knife and carve out all of your letters. For letters such as A (pictured below) be sure to save the little bits inside of the letter. I also recommend that you cut out the small bits first.(those will be used to iron on to the burlap)

  • Iron all of your letters to some burlap, then cut out each flag on the burlap

  • Once all of your flags are cut out, it's time to break out the paint! 
  • Grab a spounce brush and dip it in some paint and paint over the letters

  • Once the paint is dry, go a head and peel off the freezer paper and toss it
  • Iron the flags in order to heat set the paint

  • Now its time to string those letters, so grab that biased tape! 
  • Pin one side of the biased tape to each letter. Make sure you are going in the right order depending on what you saying is. 

  • Once the one side is stitched, fold over and pin the biased tape and sew again

  • Hang it up and TA-DA! 
  • Congrats you made something lovely 


  1. Love this! Totally on my list of things to do.



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