Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Night Sew In (More Halloween Crafts)

Last night was another night of crafting fun. I participated in another Friday Night Sew In but I brought some friends along. Not only did my partner in craft, Michele join me but my friend Marlene also came along for some crafting adventures!

Marlene is a great friend that I met when we went to Stony Brook. While working on stuff we were reminiscing about wacky professors and other kids in the cinema studies program. I hadn't seen her in a while so it was great to show her the house and catch up!  Soon after Michele joined us and the crafting was on!
Marlene and I at our Graduation in 2009
Michele and I are both throwing Halloween shindigs this year so we have been doing Halloween themed crafts the past few weeks. Last week we made some luminaries out of tin cans (an almost dangerous endeavor)

Last night we made some paper decorations: rosetes and streamers. Both easy projects that end up looking great! Store bought decorations can be ridiculously expensive but these decorations look cute and make the decorations more personal. What's also great about these crafts, even though we are using them for Halloween, the colors can be switched out and can be used for any occasion! For example a friend of mine is planning a baby shower, picture these rosetes in a cute powder blue or light pink. You can even glue baby themed clip art to the front of the rosettes, use your imagination go nuts!

The paper streamers were also ridiculously easy! I cut strips of paper in Halloween-ish colors and I just ran them through my sewing machine. Simple as that. They came out looking great!

At it turned out its also a great project for sewing newbies! Both Michele and Marlene had never used a sewing machine so I guided them through it. It's also a no pressure kind of project because if it gets messed up its just paper, no big deal, however that was something we didn't have to worry about because they both did a great job. Here is how they came out!

Be sure to look out for detailed instructions and tutorials on these and more Halloween fun crafts through out the month of October.

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