Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Paltz-ian Adventure

This past weekend Tim and I took a trip to visit Caitie at New Platz. We stayed with her and her roomie Lindsey and got into several adventures.

When we rolled into town we needed food! We stopped at Bistro where I got a delicious tofu sandwich and Tim got the largest chai latte I had ever seen. We were refreshed from our 3 hour car ride! After we rendezvous-ed with Caitie she took us to the Guilded Otter. We met up with Greg and his friend Zach was around. Greg recently moved up there and I haven't seen him in awhile so it was nice hanging out with him. At the Guilded Otter I discovered two amazing things: #1 Fried cheese curds...ermagerds! # 2 I am not much of a drinker. I am just not crazy about the taste and never liked the idea of getting messed up. However I tried some hard cider and it tasted really good! I felt a bit more grown up because now I have something to drink instead of always rocking shirley temples. We went back to Caitie's and then took the rail trail into town. We hung out at the bar Bacchus. Let me just say I hate going to bars! They are always loud, full of annoying people and there is not much to do. However I loved this place. I enjoyed some more cider in a place with great atmosphere! It was calm, plenty of room and was able to carry a conversation with everyone. The best part about this place was there was a flippin game room! There was a room full of pool tables, foosball and darts. Why can't any bar owner on Long Island do something like this?

The next day we went on a mountainous adventure. Caitie has a few friends that are accomplished hikers and Tim was excited because he really wanted to hike. They took us to a park nearby and we began our expedition. I am not 100% sure as to where we actually went but we were told there would be a rock scramble. Turns out its climbing a bunch of cliffs and right at the start of it Caitie and I decided we did not have the endurance or courage to do it. We took a trail that was supposed to take us to meet them on top of the cliff. Turns out we suck at navigation and we got really lost. We eventually did meet up with everyone and made it to the top. Although I felt like I was near death and my legs were in pain, the view was so beautiful and it was worth it.

After a full day of hiking it was agreed that we spent the night stuffing our faces with food and watching horror movies. That is exactly what we did! One of the movies we watched was Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. In the same vain as Cabin in the Woods, it takes typical horror movie archetypes and spins them into something really hilarious. If you are a horror fan and enjoy a good laugh then check it out.

The next day was our last, but before we headed out we wanted to do something very Fall-like and get some pumpkins! We went to a festival a local farm was having and we had some delicious noms and were attacked by bees. We all picked out some good pumpkins and were shocked at the register when they were only $6 each. I don't remember how much we paid for our pumpkins last year but it certainly wasn't that cheap. 

Noticed the nice picture of of us ladies with our eyes closed. 

We didn't get to enjoy too much of the festival because we had to beat traffic! Caitie and Lindsey also had papers to grade. All in all it was a great weekend. It was good to get away and it was nice to just hang out and not worry about projects, house stuff, work etc. 


  1. sounds like a fun trip! ant and i also hate bars. i wish there were some places like the one you described around here.

    1. Some day! until then we just have to keep on dreaming

  2. I've always hated bars, but that one looks like fun!


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