Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sick time is not fun time

     So the past couple of days have not been fun. I've been a big pile of sickness and sleeping most of the weekend. I even had to call in to work and miss my first story time of the season! I must say I am not surprised to be sick, because I was on a zpack, its also the change of season and this Thursday is my birthday. Without fail I am usually sick on my birthday. It doesn't happen every year but it does happen frequently.
     As you can imagine (by my lack of posting) I have been trying to limit my screen time as much as possible, but I just can't stay away! Even though I am sick I still wanted to turn this into something productive. So I did some research and looked up some simple home remedies to help ease my symptoms. To pinterest!

Janee' from Souls Never Wrinkle suggests throwing some marshmallows in the fridge and eat them up. Despite providing only temporary relief it is relief that is enjoyable because I love marshmallows. Luckily we still had some marshmallows left over from stuff we had for s'mores. They did the trick but I was still searching for more relief!

Maggie's Cough Remedy (from the blog, Good Food Matters)
I was intrigued by this one I found not just because it looked interesting but I also had all of the ingredients in the pantry! (I didn't really want to adventure out into the work and spread my grossness) So I mixed all of that stuff up and gave it a go. Let me tell you it's not the greatest tasting thing in the world but it suppressed my cough pretty well!

My reaction after taking a sip of it

Other remedies:

Of course there are the other go - to remedies and this is what I have been doing to feel better:

  • Drinking tea! I have been drinking lots and lots of tea with honey. I've also been drinking lots of water. 
  • Blowing my nose. I know this one sounds kind of obvious but when I am awake I will blow my nose. To Tim's dismay, while sleeping I just sniffle, until he wakes me up with a box of tissues at my side. 
  • Soup! I usually have boxes of soup to heat up in the microwave. This are usually my meals for work, but its turned into sick meals. Tim also recently made some stew and that has been hitting the spot too. 
  • Resting. This is really hard for me to do! My craft room has a wall filled with post it notes of things to do. While a I sniffle and moan my list continues to go undone! (its driving me crazy). It isn't all bag though, because I have an adorable ball of fur to snuggle with. 

my cuddle buddy


  1. I have a March birthday and like you, I'm always sick when it rolls around, so I feel your pain-- hang in there & get better soon!

    1. thanks! I am taking it easy and hopefully i will be better soon!


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