Thursday, October 4, 2012


So today is my 26th Birthday. Wooo! I have accomplished quite so far and I am looking forward to more, bring it! 

Tim got me a three month subscription to Whimseybox. If you are going "whimsey what?" Allow me to explain, you sign up and create a profile where you include your crafting interested then they will sound you a box full of random supplies and you are charged with the task of creating some projects with the items in the box. I can expect my first delivery at the end of the month. Have no fear I assure you that I will be documenting my Whimsical adventures.

I am also due for a phone upgrade, do you know what that means? Phone upgrade! This bad boy is on order and I can expect it in a few weeks (curse you back orders!) but I am just excited to finally have an iphone! I had another smart phone (that shall remain nameless) and I loved it at first. I was prepared to stick with this thing for the long haul. Then after a year it just started to suck big time. It makes the upgrade all the sweeter.

My mother in law is perhaps one of the sweetest people I had ever met! She sent me a card with a picture of this in with a message saying that it is on order. So it will arrive around the same time as the phone! If you want a swanky phone case check out threadless because there are tons of amazing designs for phone cases and t-shirts.
Later today my church is doing a blessing of the animals (for St. francis) so I am dragging the pooch out to get blessed. It's raining here so she may just have to wear her raincoat (stay tuned for pictures!). After that I am going to enjoy some delicious sushi with the fam. All in all it will be a good day! 


  1. Happy 26th! That phone case is swanky/whimsical/classy. I am in dire need of an upgrade, but it's on the to-do list. Your box of whimsy sounds like a blast! You've inspired me to be true to my crafting, off I go!


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