Thursday, November 8, 2012

Project Bedroom: Planning stages!

So we've been in our house for a few months and although we have gotten some big furniture pieces  we have yet to do any big projects. With our Halloween party out of the way, the gears in my brain are at work thinking of some bedroom ideas. Some simple and some serious D.I.Y. projects, but if they turn out like our awesome coffee table it will be awesome. Here are some ideas that I am kicking around:


First things first, before I really dive into this thing head on, this room needs a color palette! I hunted a few down on Design Seeds. I have been kicking around a few possibilities but there is one common element in the choices I've mad: shades of grey (No not that horrible book series). My absoute all time favorite color combo is green and blue (noticed the blog color scheme) but I felt it might look a big cartoonish if I tried pulling it off in our bedroom. For some reason I was really drawn to the grey with pops of bright color (teal and chartreuse) I guess because something about it feels so mature and a bit luxurious.


Here is our bedroom, please ignore our gross unmade bed. Its kinda huge so we have a lot of space to work with. To figure out furniture placement I am using this:

Speaking of furniture I am excited to have a real dresser again! I was using a cubbie thing for ages. I never managed to get myself a nice one (it never seemed like a priority) On a trip to Ikea I fell in love with this dresser. I love the sleek black and frosted glass drawers! It also matches the color scheme!

the Bed 
We have a down comforter and I put duvet covers on it. It drives Tim a bit crazy but I like the idea of a duvet cover because you can change it out frequently. So I think we are gonna stick with that and he can suck it up and deal. I have been shopping around for a few options but nothing that I have really fallen in love with yet. (Click the image for its source)


I really want a tufted headboard. They are so swanky! I like to sit up and read in bed before going to sleep, so the fact that its cushioned really appeals to me. If I wanted to straight up purchase one, I am looking at a hefty price tag. However thanks to instructables,I just have to break a little sweat making one rather than breaking the bank buying one.

Click the image for the link!

Has anyone ever taken on any big home redecorating projects? Any advice for a first timer?

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