Thursday, November 15, 2012

Try Something New - Guest Post

Hey guys this is a guest post from Alex from Alex's Journeys. She has some good D.I.Y. decorating projects to for Fall. 

Many people are getting into the spirit of interior design and participating in do-it-yourself
projects. The fall is a great time to complete these projects because you can use the opportunity
to change to autumn colors. There are many new trends this season that are worth a second
look. Consider the following trends and examples:

Reupholster the Couch

A couch makeover may seem like a huge task, but it can be quite rewarding. Since vibrant and
bold colors are the trend this season, consider purchasing a bold-colored fabric in lime green
and brown print, ruby red, canary yellow or other bright and bold color. Couch upholstering will
require some sewing and stapling skills, but the project should be fairly straightforward if the
couch is does not have to many panels to remove and recover.

Add Hanging Plants

Add hanging plants to the room with festive pots. These hanging plant receptacles can be
decorated with decoupage or paint depending on your décor. If you want to fill the empty
space and draw attention towards the ceiling, hanging plants are a good choice. Plants also
help people to breathe better and are also visually appealing. These plant receptacles can be
made and hung in a single day or weekend. This is an easy DIY project that can add color and
vibrancy to any home.

Paint a Wall

Paint an accent wall. A single accent wall with bold colors can add so much to a room. Consider
painting a single wall to brighten the room and honor the autumn season. The cold weather could depress you, but a bright color on the wall can lift the spirits. Even the most premium paint will not cost more than $15 per gallon. One gallon may be sufficient for a small project. Larger projects may only require up to three gallons. An accent wall can be painted in one day.

Try Something New

Whether you decide to reupholster a couch, paint a wall or hang plants, DIY is an excellent
process that can change the way a room looks. Consider brightening your home with a simple
DIY project. Most people enjoy the changes and regret not doing something to improve their
situation sooner.

Alexandra is a travel enthusiast who has  blogged on topics between DIY interior design, fashion, and New York and Hamptons Real Estate.

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