Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Snapshots Vol. 2

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It has been quite the crazy week and I have had a blast with my family and I am sad to see them go! Here are some pictures from the week, enjoy!

My friend at work, Marge, gave me this super awesome Adventure Time hat and it just looks fabulous on Gypsy. 

The night before Thanksgiving is always a tradition amongst our group of friends we call Ridic Thanksgiving. We meet up at a dinner where we stuff our faces and each of us says what we are thankful for. This year was the 8th year we have done it. I am glad my brother Billy was able to come along with us. 

The actually day of Thanksgiving was craziness! I couldn't believe how much work was involved and I didn't even do the majority of the cooking. As you can see it was Tim's job. 

It was good having my Dad and Billy around. I miss those jerks. They also missed each other, you can see them sharing some love in the picture above. 

I tried our best to avoid Black Friday shopping at all costs! However I did go to one place to get Christmas lights. I also go these antlers for the dog, but I look pretty sweet in them, eh? 

I solved my Star Wars wrapping paper problem. Last week I mentioned how I had vintage wrapping paper and I wanted to use it to make coasters. It was a fun project I did with my bro. He made the Chewbacca while I did Han Solo.

One of my favorite pictures taken over the last week was of our chalk board. My parents gave us a Thank You for hosting. 

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