Thursday, December 13, 2012

Countdown to Christmas!!!!

This year the Christmas season has been pretty easy going. I think thats because it is my first year not having to worry about finals... I get to actually enjoy the season! I have even had some time to catch up on some craft projects!

I made this main organizer because I am getting really tired of huge mail piles. I bought burlap fabric with vintage skeleton keys at Joann's. I didn't have a project in mind for it but I just really wanted it so boom, impulse buy. I put this together on a canvas we had laying around and viola! It came out pretty snazzy looking. I am in the midst of creating a tutorial for it, so look out for that soon! 

I have also been trying new types of crafts at work. Recently I did a craft with youngin's (ages 2 - 3) we  used shaving cream and food coloring to make a really neat marble effect when mixed on a paper plate. You then lay a piece of paper flat on top, then wipe away the shaving cream. I had some wintery type shapes for them to slap on it. I called it snowscapes. It wasn't as messy as I thought. Here is how my sample came out.

Getting back to Christmas fun time! I was excited to get my latest Whimsey box that was chock full of gift wrapping items! I also got a bunch of ribbon from my mother in law, which has been going to good use. I have been using brown packing paper to create my own wrapping paper. I have those sharpies left over form my mug craft and used those to make some fun whimsical wrapping paper. I think I got the wrapping thing down this year and proud of my skills! Here are the presents under our tree so far. 

I mentioned the mugs earlier and I got a bunch more for some customized christmas presents. I am working on a mustache for my friend fond of facial hair, Margaret and one for my sea cow loving friend Laura. I hope she will enjoy some mana-tea with it! 

Also don't forget about my friend Michele and her epic giveaway for the entire month of December! Go check it out at Short Girl, Long Island

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