Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

Its another Sunday wooo! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Here are some snapshots from my week! 

R2D2 mug
This is Tim's masterpiece! I am so proud of him because it looks pretty amazing. He used the same technique I did a few weeks ago (tutorial here!)

Michele (Short Girl Long Island) has a feature that I rather enjoy. Every Thursday is Tech me Something Thursday. This past week featured a recipe that was pretty amazing! Its a pasta casserole with spinach and mushrooms. It was pretty simple to make and tasted just as good as it looks! Check out the post here, Teach Me Something Thursday volume 15 and try it for yourself!

Poolga wallpapers
I love this accordion playing polar bear! Since getting my phone I have been having fun with wallpapers (I have the same fun with my computer and iPad). They have a lot of fun neato stuff. So go check them out!

Cookie tester
One of my favorite holiday traditions is the bake-a-thon! Ever since Tim and I started dating I have been invited to a day of marathon baking with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. This year we have an adorable little assistant, my niece Lexie. She let us know how the cookies were and she kept us entertained.

I also saw the Hobbit on Friday! I liked the book and enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movies so I was looking forward to this! We met up with some friends and pretty much took over the theater. I sat next to my friend Matt who gave hilarious commentary durring the movie, especially when the giant eagles showed up. I really enjoyed the movie, to Tim's dismay I loved it more than Lord of the Rings. Not sure why but I supposed on reason is that the stakes in the Hobbit aren't as high as they are in Lord of the Rings. I also liked the character Bilbo way more than Frodo. Bilbo, despite not wanting to go on an adventure does it anyway and uses his quick wit to hold his own! Frodo is just a wuss! Also without a doubt one of the best characters in Lord of the Rings is Gimli the dwarf. Well the Hobbit has Gimli times twelve ! They do serve as comic relief but despite being three feet tall, they are also pretty bad ass. They are also excellent dishwashers and singers. I can't get the misty mountain song out of my head.



  1. Oh my gosh! The R2D2 mug is amazing!

  2. Thanks! I am so proud of my husbands mug-sterpiece!

  3. Wow that pasta mazing looks simply....uhhhh mazing! haha. I Want the recipe!! My mouth seriously just watered when I saw the pic. hahaha. by the way, newest follower from the GFC hop- and I can totally tell we're gonna be good buds if you post stuff like that! haha. I promised my hubs once we got into our new home I would start cooking more...and well, I need RECIPES! ha.

    1. Thanks. It tasted just as good as it looks. I link up to the recipe so I encourage you to check it out!


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