Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Snapshots Vol. 3

Hello there, you guys getting in the Holiday Spirit? I am getting excited because we are now officially in December! Ready or not, its time to get cheery! Here is what I have been doing this past week...

One morning I was feeling quite nice while drinking my coffee. My mug happened to reflect how I was feeling, Hell yes!

I love my dog and some people may view this as torture but I prefer to think of it as love. Tim came home from work and took off his work shirt while Gyppers was bugging him. We decided to give her the business casual look.

We got our Christmas tree! Doesn't it look purdy? I had to dress for the occasion so I broke out my Doctor Who/Grinch mashup shirt.

Tim's mom gave me the snowman. He is about the size of a toddler and I though he'd look good in the entry way. What I did expect was that it was a tiny bit creepy as we watched tv and creeper snowman was watching us! I moved him next to the tree because I still love him.

I broke out the season decor at work and started making a wintery display! It is still a work in progress but its coming together.

On our trip to France, while browsing the gift shop at Versailles I saw this Napoleon and had to have him! He looks nice as he plots a take over of the entire tree!

Finally here is out tree! It is complete with Harry Potter, Star Wars and tron ornaments! Tim and I also have a tradition, every year we make a new ornament. We've been doing it every year since we started dating. Not sure what we have planned for this years ornaments but I will keep you posted!


  1. I love the Napoleon ornament! And your description of him plotting a take ove ;)

    1. Lol yeah he looks like he wants tree domination!

  2. Yessssss! I can't wait to come over + do crafts in that winter wonderland!

    1. I have a wonderful craft planned that would make an excellent teach me something thursday!


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