Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Snapshots !!!!!!

Well my friends here we are again, another Sunday. This week has been ok and pretty typical. Work, craft, sleep and repeat. Here is a look at my adventures for the week....

Wednesday was reveal day for the second Iron Craft challenge. The theme was orange so I decided to jazz up some ugly thrift store shoes. Not bad eh? You can read about it here and expect a tutorial this coming week!

I have been trying to maintain a steady gym routine and I have been doing OK. I enjoy doing cardio while listing to Songza. It is one of my most used apps! If you are not familiar, it is a streaming music app similar to Pandora, however playlists are created by people (not algorithms  and there are no commercials. I really love listening to NPRs workout mix. While I was on the treadmill 'Born to Run' came on and I couldn't think of a more appropriate time for that song to come on!

Last week I ran out of business cards! So I ordered some new ones. This time I ordered from Moo. The cards came out really nice and I was excited to have rounded corners! I also love that it came with a really neat carrying case with a divider for my cards as well as others. I also took this opportunity to do a slight redesign. What do you think?

So you guys should know that my new favorite place in town is Crazy beans. Tim and I attended Wednesday night's Bingo night. Sadly I did not get any Bingos but I did have a delicious butter beer! I also spoke to the owner Callie and asked if she would be interested in doing a craft night. She was excited about the idea and we booked a night! So if you live in the area and your free Monday February 11 at 7:00 you should come on by and check it out! Here is more info.

I had some nail fun this week. I haven't really been keeping up with nail care. It can be a real pain in the butt. Its a lot of work and for some reason mine never last for more than a few days. Anyway, I did some half moons with my new favorite color, mint green.

I also started playing around with screen printing again. Here is one in progress. I am going to try making some library totes and thought this design would be perfect.

On Friday I met up some of my friendos. We went to Patchouge, which is has been getting super nice and is turning into a super hip area now. We hung out at Hoptron Brewtique where I enjoyed some soda and delicious rosemary popcorn. At one point things got a little weird with Caitie Laura and I. I also loved that the bathroom signs of this place all at storm trooper heads for no real reason.

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