Monday, March 4, 2013

Catching up & Iron Craft # 4

So I have been a bit lax with blogging as of late. I needed to take a little breather because pesky responsibilities have gotten in the way. Here is what I have been up to lately...

You guys know I am a nerd but I now have earned some more nerd cred. This past Friday a group of my friends and I played our first game of Dungeons and Dragons. Tim, the Dungeon Master has been pouring over the books for the past month. It was fun figuring out all of our characters. Our friends are just out right ridiculous people (that I love) so it made for an entertaining evening. My friend Joe was really excited about his barbarian character, Kodiak, who loves axes. I was inspired to do a little doodle and this is what I came up with. I am going to try and eventually doodle all of our characters.

This past week I received my latest whimsey box full of craftacular wonders! I got stuff to make a memo board. I painted the wood block, but used a cloth to gently paint it. I felt like experimenting and I tried to paint it so the wood grain would show through. You can kind of see it but it came out fine. I used the washi tape that came in the box (big fan of washi tape) then I mod podged it down to adhere to the wood. The rubber bands then hold the note pad in place.

Last week was another Iron Craft reveal day! Michele came over and we made some magic in the craft dungeon. The latest challenge was inspired by award season and crafters were given the task to create something inspired by movies or TV.

A few weeks ago I had gotten this pretty sweet Marvel Comics fabric from Joann's Fabrics and I have been making some tablet cases with it. I have been ending up with some scraps and since this fabric is so cool I wanted to find ways to utilize every piece I can! So headbands seemed like the perfect project!   Also the Avengers was one of my favorite movies from the past year so I was glad to end up with an Iron Man head band. 

Michele came over and used some scraps from my Star Wars fabric and made her own headband! It was also her first close encounter with a sewing machine and she did really good! 

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