Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Snap Shots


Yay its Sunday again! I another fun filled week. Let me tell yas all about it. Its another link up so feel free to add your link and check out what everyone else is up to!

Last weekend Tim came across some information on terrariums. So he decided to make one with some succulent plants. It looks really nice and it looks great on our coffee table.

While Tim was making terrariums, I was working on some pillows. Laura and I went to a discount fabric store and stocked up on fabric. I bought some stuff to work on bags and make some new pillows for the couch. After I made the first pillow it was really 'Blah' so I decided to paint some arrows on it to spiff it up. What do you think?

The past weekend we got something pretty awesome, a fooseball table! It was a dream realized for Tim. I however am horrible at the game. It was a gift from my Mom's boyfriend. They have a tiny house and don't have room for it so they offered it to us. We also got a sweet new dart board, a nice upgrade from our crappy electronic one.

Laura got me hooked on a new app. Iconmania is an addicting fun app in which you have to use the visual clues to guess what it represents. I couldn't help but chuckle when this one came up. Did they really need to include the cigar ?

While listening to Doug Loves Movies one of the guests mentioned that he had a YA novel out. It caught my attention. The guests was comedian D.C. Pearson and the book is called Crap Kingdom. It's about a kid who is upset about how normal his life is and yearns for a miserable existence so that he can be taken to a magical world and be its phrophesized hero. To his surprise he does get taken to a magical world but its kinda...crappy. Its really funny and you should check it out.

This week also marked the first day of Spring. YAY! I took Gyppers on her first walk of the season. She was very excited. It was nice to get some fresh air. Unfortunately it didn't last long! The next morning we woke up to more snow!

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