Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doctor Who Clock

So I had this ugly old clock in my craft dungeon. Ok so it really wasn't that ugly, but I thought it needed an update. I stuck a sticky note on it that said "DO SOMETHING WITH THIS CLOCK!" So I tried to think of a color scheme or theme. Right next to the clock is my Doctor Who action figure and its time, time lords, traveling time and space and its a clock... get it?!

I took this bad boy apart and did some spray painting. While painting the clock face I taped up the hands because I wanted them to stay the same color. So I primed the clock face and gave the wood rim and nice silver coat. After it dried I repainted the clock face with a metallic blue acrylic paint.
While the paint tried I got to play around with my fancy new Silhouette Cameo. Its an amazing die cutting machine that you can program to cut out just about anything you can think of. I cut out the words "Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey." Then I used the silhouette's sketch pens as well as cutting to make a TARDIS. It came out pretty amazing. Lastly I made the numbers with a typer writer font on black paper.

After I had all of my pieces I glue them on. I used glue dots for the wibbley wobbley saying and made it look all swirly around the clock. I just used a regular glue stick for the numbers. For the placement of the TARDIS, I was think a few different things, then I thought right on top of the second hand is probably the best place. I used my hot glue gun for that (because I wanted to make sure it stuck real good)

After everything dried I put the clock back together. After I turned it around and looked at it for the first time my jaw dropped. I don't mean to sound self absorbed or anything, but I couldn't believe how amazing this thing turned out! It looks legit, like something I would buy off of Thinkgeek! I always get
excited when I finish a project, but for some reason I was over the moon with this one.

If you are going to attempt a clock re-do of your own here are some helpful tips! 
  • Have a plane well before taking the clock apart. 
  • Gather all of your materials and have supplies at the ready
  • Take your clock apart. It is helpful to put all of the items in a cup or small box (that way you don't loose them) 
  • Be very careful when handeling the clock hands (if they are damaged, they will not tell time correctly) 

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