Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Last week something exciting happened at work. When I drove into down it was unusually hopping. What the flip was going on? Apparently Jonah Hill was in town filming a movie. He came out to greet some onlookers. I however was at work. I'm not one to get star struck anyway. After I got off worked I walked around town because I was curious. By then filming had wrapped up however I was excited to see that the library was included in the signage for filming.


Speaking of being star struck, this only happened to me once. In the 90s my family would often go camping at Woodstock. In 1999 they had a big celebration concert (not like that famous commercialized MTV one where riots broke out, my brother Charlie went to that one). My Dad had a friend who worked on generators and he gave us all access passes. It was pretty sweet. I met Joanie Mitchell, Joey Ramone and the Goo Goo Dolls (I really loved them back then). One of the people that was super nice to us and talked to us the most was Richie Havens. I had no idea who he was at the time  but he was super nice. We saw him perform and it was pretty amazing. When I heard about his passing this week, it brought up that Woodstock memory.

So I had this ugly clock in my room. It was just too blah. So I decided to take it apart and do something about it. I thought it was appropriate to make it Timey Wimey, so its going to be a Doctor Who clock.

This clock project also let me put my new toy to use! For years I have always wanted a die cutter. We use them at the library and its pretty cool. The only downside is that its super expensive and I would want to create my own designs. I didn't know there was such a tool until someone mentioned the silhouette on a blog. I have intrigued but not sold yet. My friend Noelle has one and on a visit to her house she showed me all of the decorative things she had made. Ok I was sold, I needed one! So far I love my cameo and you can expect more silhouette related posts!

I've needed new glasses for a while and just put it off because of the expected cost. However seemed to know of my dilema because I saw their ads all over the place claiming that the your first pair of glasses with them is free. So I figured I would check it out. I was able to get this pair of Geek Chic beauties and all I paid was $ 16 bucks. They also came pretty quickly and came with a nifty glasses cleaning kit!


Tim is a grown man with his very own lego collection. While doing some cleaning I found some lego guys he thought were M.I.A. I had some fun playing mixing and patching their accessories. I put some swoop hair on Han Solo and dubed him, Han Brolo. Enjoy...

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