Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Iron Craft Challenge # 10 - Home is Where the Heart Is

I'm back on the Iron Craft band wagon. I missed a challenge or two, but I'm back making some cool things. This time around the challenge was Home is Where the Heart Is, making something for the home or something with a house shape. I liked this challenge a lot because we've been in our house for almost a year and I've been constantly making house stuff. So I thought I would feature one of my recent creations.

I love my house!

The front door is boring and white. I stuff a wreath on it with the intention of adding more stuff on and changing it out every season. Well life has gotten in the way and it really hasn't worked out that way. So I wanted to put something on it and I came up with this...

It looks great and it gives the front door some much needed pop of color. I am eventually going to paint the door a kelly green with black accents so thats what dictated my color scheme. I used a block of light wood I grabbed at Michael's. I gave it a coat of green and let it dry. Afterwards I used my favorite new toy, the silhouette machine, to cut out the letters on contact paper. I stuck the letters on the block and spray painted a coat of black and let that dry. I peeled off the contact paper to reveal my green letters. I only had to do a little bit of touch up. I hot glued some wire on the back of the block then hung it on the wreath. Now everyone coming at my front door will know they are at the Sicurella's! 

I'm working on a more detailed tutorial so be sure to look for that in the future! 


  1. This will be a nice pop of color against the white

    1. Thanks! It looks pretty nice on the front door.


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