Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zombie race!!!!!!

I did it guys, I ran a 5k! But this wasn't just any 5k it was the Zombie Race. It involved getting chased by zombies while also doing military obstacles and getting good and muddy. Its something I never thought I was do. Being physically fit is something fairly new to me so I am extremely proud of myself that I finished! Before the race started I was really nervous. Rebel Race posted videos of other races that they had done and I was really scared and thought, "what have I gotten myself into?" There was no turning back!

The entire reason for doing the race was because of my friend Matt. The race fell on his birthday so we all signed up. I think this helped calm my fears a bit because it meant I wasn't going through this alone. When I was telling my brother, Billy, about it I jokingly said “you should come up to Long Island just to do the race.” He responded with “challenge accepted.” So its an excuse to see my bro!

The race itself wasn't that bad! You start the race wearing a belt with 3 flags that represent your 'life' and the zombies reach for them. That was were most of the anxiety came from. When I started the race I was jogging and was worrying when the horde was coming. When we saw the first batch of walkers everyone ran of the track to avoid them and the group was disbanded a bit. Then we came to the scariest part of the race, running down a steep hill into a mud pool of zombies! That's where I lost my first flag. My friend Laura lost all of them at that one spot alone. I kept on jogging but at some point just had to walk because too many people were on the trail. I made it to just about 2k with a flag but then some little girl zombie snatched it up. After all my flags were gone I felt like the pressure was off and I could relax a bit. I waited around to join up with Team Zeus and everyone was crowded around my friend Kahn and he puked. He's a trooper though and continued on. The rest of the race we just kept saying where are the Lentini bros? My friend Joe and his brother Pat signed up but on the zombie side. They even had a back story, they were former zeus members that got infected. We were approaching the end of the race, running through old cabins and I was asking where the Lentini's were. Pat came bursting out of a cabin and handed us a bunch of flags. Further down the way my friend David jumped out of a bush and grabbed us. It was the one and only time a zombie scared me in this entire race. After our encounter with the Lentini's we had to get past one last zombie horde, a rope wall and put pit with barbed wire. We did it! 


Afterwards it was time for a much needed drink

I thought I would share with you some of the things I did to get ready for the race: team t-shirts and my motivation running playlist!

As soon as I signed up I knew we needed some sweet t-shirts. One night while playing around on picmonkey I came up with a logo for our team. We are team Zombie Eradicating Utility Squad (ZEUS) I knew we needed a lightning bolt in there and it was perfect for the T ! It came out pretty awesome I must say.

After I got my silhouette machine I was psyched to learn that I can use it to make freezer paper stencils (a technique I am very fond of). After a quick test run, it worked beautifully! So I made a bunch of stencils and we had ourselves a t-shirt party.

I knew training for this thing wasn’t going to be easy. I imagined it would be like a 1980s montage, so I need an appropriate soundtrack to keep me motivated! It turned into a very eclectic mix. Here are some of my favorite tracks that make me feel like I can do anything.

You're the Best
I wasn’t kidding about the 80s montage so this was a crucial addition to my playlist!

Jump In the Line
Ok this is on here pretty much because of its involvement with the movie Beetlejuice.

This 8-bit band is behind the theme for the Nerdist podcast. I love the rest of the album. It makes me feel like I’m a video game character dodging evil turtles.  

Pop punk is my guilty pleasure! Not the really bad stuff from the early 2000s. I'm talking about stuff like the Get Up Kids. Latterman was a Long Island based band. An ex was friends with them so I saw them play a bunch. Anywho, its good motivation music and pumps me up.

We all had so much fun and can't wait to do the next race! First I need to rest up because I am sooo sore!

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