Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bottle cap magnets

I had yet another craft night. This time around we made bottle cap magnets! I thought it was perfect because Callie at Crazy Beans has been working up quite the collection of bottle caps from all of the brews they serve. It was a great turn out and here are some pictures of the wonderful magnets that everyone had made.

Laura always makes something Manatee themed! 

Some of the supplies you will need

If you would like to make your own Bottle Cap magnets here is how to do it!

Materials & Tools:
  • Figure out what you want your magnet to be. You can use an old picture, draw some small pictures or old comics. They just have to able to fit into a 1 inch circle. I used my hole punch and made some templates to figure out what would work best.
  • Once you have your images picked out, dab a little bit of white glue in the cap, then place the image in there. Let it sit and dry for a few minutes.
  • Peel off a clear coating circle and place it in your magnet (on top of the image) The coating has an adheasive so it should stick in there. If not a little dab of modge podge will do the trick. Let it sit for another few minutes to let it dry.
  • Flip the bottle cap over and glue a magnet to the back. Let it sit and dry.
  • Place that sucker on the fridge and enjoy!

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