Sunday, June 9, 2013

June is here!

Hey guys! Summer is just about here! Wooo!!! I can't believe that its been a year since I graduated and this time last year I was a Parisian princess. This time around I've been getting ready for impending summer doom at work, finally doing some house projects and having some fun. Here is a little recap of what I have been up to lately.

House stuff....

So I've taken a bit of a sewing break and have been concentrating my crafty efforts on beautifying this house of mine. I started with adding some flair to some plain candle holders I got from the dollar store a while back. I made a stencil with my silhouette machine on contact paper than gave it a good spray with some frosted glass. They came out pretty snazzy!

I also used some canvases and made some snazzy wall art. My entry way was really blank and I needed to put something there. After all its the first impression visitors get! Again I used the silhouette to make stencils and sprayed them down with a coat of paint.

Also adding to our decor is this awesome Game of Thrones poster! Tim has been determined to snag a really cool mondo poster since we moved in. He set up his phone to get a notification when new designs were announced (because they sell out really fast) after a few fails, this was such an epic win! Its bran and his dire wolf, Summer. The wolf bears some resemblance to my pup Gyppers, don't ya think?

my own dirt digging dire wolf

Speaking of Game of Thrones, :::WARNING SPOILERS::: I was so devastated by last week's episode. Billy called me right after and it felt like someone non-fictional died. We were like "yeah I just saw them, they were gonna save Westeros and teach Joffery a lesson." I had trouble sleeping that night. What really freaked me out was seeing Rob Stark's pregnant wife get stabbed in the stomach so violently. It was also a big huge lesson, ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR MOM (I'm looking at you Rob Stark! way to screw it up for the North!) I'm reading the book, Storm of Swords, at the same time so its interesting watching the show along with it.

Aside from house stuff, although I say sewing break, I have gotten some in. After getting a few extra Etsy sales I decided to treat myself to my very first Spoonflower purchase! I made some purdy headbands with this TARDIS print and I couldn't resist getting this Doctor doll! I got number 10 but I was excited to see the same designer also has a #11, so I will be making another purchase soon! (Side note - I'm really devastated that Matt Smith has announced his departure)

Last Saturday I hung out with Caitie. We did serious wedding talk and were planning out her invites! After an afternoon of craft, we met up with Joe, Laura and Peter and went to the Brookhaven Fair. I haven't gone to it in years because its usually a rip off, carny folk are cantankerous and those rides are creepily unstable. However we had a lot of fun. We splurged and bought the unlimited rides wrist band,  we were all gung ho about getting our money's worth and going on as many rides as possible! We went on swings that went really high up and Caitie freaked out, it was awesome. Then later all of the spiny rides took their toll on Tim and he decided to go wait in the car and sleep. Caitie and I just needed to go on a few more rides, including the haunted mansion!!!! The scariest part was a carny guy walking around on his cell phone that bumped into us on accident. I didn't expect it and it scared the crap out of me.

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