Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chalkboards - Craft Night

Last night was my monthly rendition of craft night at Crazy Beans. This time I was having trouble finding something that would work. There is a certain certeria for craft night, it has to look great with out being too complicated, supplies can't costs too much (otherwise i'd go broke!) and I try my best to make the craft gender neutral. I was discussing my little issue with one of my crafting confidants, Noelle. She makes some pretty amazing stuff and we've been meeting up for some crafternoons. Noelle sent me a link to a Beautiful Mess (one of my favorite blogs) and their tutorial for chalkboard paint. I looked and the tools and supplies and thought it would be perfect!

I gathered all of my supplies and needed to make a sample. I decided to make my sample a present for Callie, the owner and number one barrista extraordinare. There are always events going on at the Beans. She writes them all in sharpie on pieces of paper then tapes it to the counter. I thought maybe she needs something a little bigger and a bit more snazzy. I found some wood in the garage and decided to make her a chalk board weekly calendar. I used my trusty silhouette and printed out the letters and painted over it. It came out amazing I must say.

If you want to make your own chalkboards, then go on over to A Beautiful Mess for the complete tutorial. I used a different paint/grout ratio, however you get the same results, chalkboard perfection!


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