Monday, July 1, 2013

Frosted Vase

I've been in the house for almost a year already, can you believe it?! I'm haven't been sewing has much (sewing table has been under construction) However this time has allowed me to work on some home decor projects. I've been posting pictures here and there but this time around I present to you a nice a tutorial!!!!

A while back I bought a bunch of hurricane vases from the Dollar Tree. They were nice, but after sitting around for a while they needed some pizazz! I bought some frosted glass spray and decided to do some experimenting. I made a stencil out of contact paper, slapped it on there and gave it a good coat of frosted glass. My first attempt was a semi-failure. I learned that day that not all contact paper is created equal. I had used this old ugly wood print stuff we had lying around and it was really low quality type stuff and it reacted weirdly to the spray and crinkled up.

I broke out the good stuff and used some black contact paper I had. (F.Y.I. - this stuff is so versatile! its one of my favorite craft supplies!) Using the better quality contact paper did the trick and resulted in some fabulous new vases. 

Here are the steps I took to transform these vases and how you can to! 

Materials & Tools 
  • Clear vases, candle holders (even old wine bottles) 
  • Frosted Glass Spray (I used Rust-oleum)
  • Contact paper (make sure its good quality) 
  • Exacto Knife 

  • Think of some sort of design. This can be a trick party, but luckily is tons of inspiration out there (scour the internet, check out a home decor store etc) 
  • Once you have a design your happy with, trace it on the back of your contact paper and cut out with the exacto knife. If you are the lucky proud owner of a silhouette machine, just make your stencil on that. 
  • Peel off your contact paper stencil and gently stick it to your vase
  • Find a nice well ventilated area and place your vase on top of box. Spray a nice even coat and allow to dry 
  • Drying times can depend on the type of frosted glass spray you purchase. I'd say give it at least 30 minutes. 
  • Gently peel off the stencil to reveal your beautiful design 


  1. Those look great! Love the chevron.

  2. These are STUNNING, Sarina! You go, girl.

    1. Thanks! Its an easy project with great results. You should give it a try!


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