Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY Dammit! (Best thing Ever)

When ever I find something, anything that I think is super awesome I just need to share it with the world. Hence, this nifty new little feature: The BEST THING EVER (this week) 

I do rather enjoy the lovely programming from the Nerdist YouTube channel. They have a wide range of shows on if my favorites is try this at home. I was glad to see that they added another show about making stuff, DIY dammit!

DIY dammit stars Joselyn Hughes and her partner Jones (an adorable Boston Terrier). Together they tackle crafty projects and make the world a prettier place. I love the projects that are featured on the show, from a light bulb vase to a dinosaur planter. What really sets it apart from other craft web shows is the humor that Hughes brings to it. She also acknowledges a problem I frequently face when tacking pinterest projects, they aren't always as easy as you think! The boy scout pillow project was especially funny and I enjoyed her meltdown.

You should head on over to the Nerdist channel and check it out! 

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